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«ANTARES-TRADING», LLC is an authorized economic operator. The company specializes in working with perishable goods. The presence of AEO status allows the company to use all the privileges in customs clearance not available to other market participants. One of the main privilege is the output of cargo under lower risk profile. More than half of all cargoes is drawn up by the so-called first method, which can significantly save money for customs clearance. In 2014-2016 the company has issued more than 10,000 TEU of cargo with total weight of more than 110000 tons. There are such companies as Dixie, Magnit, Monetka, Azbuka Vkusa and X5 Retail Group among our clients.
“Wimex Group”, LLC has a license of customs representative and provides services for various categories of dry cargo. We work with both large state-operated companies that supplies raw materials for the defense industry of the country (JSC "BTK GROUP" is supplying highly durable textile materials ordered by the armed forces of the Russian Federation), and with major international retailers with branching sales network in Russia (DECATHLON − Oxylane Group - supplies sports goods, textiles, clothing, footwear to Russian markets). The goods for these companies are drawn up by the first method. “Wimex Group” LLC is an active member of FIATA − International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, a member of the Russian Forwarder Association, member of the Novorossiysk Chamber of Commerce; all these which confirms the status of “Wimex Group” LLC as a major experienced and reliable participant of the market.
«WIMEXCO», LLC is the independent survey company a part of "ANTARES" Group of companies. It provides a wide range of survey services for marine, river and road transport. The work of the company is focused at river and sea ships, containers and dangerous goods. The competence of «WIMEXCO», LLC is provided by specialists with many years inspection of sea and river ships, containers and cargoes and knowledge of international conventions and rules.
«ANTARES-GROUP», LLC is a trading organization which is engaged in the sales of wide range of imported goods.
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